Tips you should know when selling your home

selling your homeStaging your home for viewers? It is important that your house sells fast and fetch the best value. Here are some tips that will help sell your house at its best price and fast.


Start by getting rid of any excess items that have accumulated in every nook and cranny. There are several ways to dispose of such items. For example, you can opt to sell it to the local second-hand store, eBay, donate or give it to a friend.

de-clutterAs you remove garbage do not depersonalise as clients need to envisage how the property will look like once they buy it. With no items, this was difficult to imagine. This is why it is important to leave some personality behind.

People look into someone’s lifestyle as thy buy the property. Show them your attractive side, e.g. how you spend time with your family at the pool or how close the mall is to your house. Any furniture that is large and bulky should be removed. Otherwise, such items will make the room appear small.

Repaint the house

repaint-the-houseGiving your walls new life brightens the house making it seem lighter and bigger. It also makes it easy for the new family to imagine how they will easily adapt once they move in. Repaint the walls helps to create a good first impression. The same case should go to the front door.


Fix and clean

Fix and cleanMake repairs to the holes in the wall, cracked tiles, broken door knobs, torn carpet, broke mirrors, etc. That way the buyer will move with no need to make any changes. Take time to clean the house once it is fixed. It makes the house more appealing to the buyer.

Cleaning up should not just be done inside the house. If your compound have a lawn or garden, it is time to give it extra care.

Update the kitchen

Update the kitchenThe kitchen means a lot to every home. It is one room that can make a difference when the buyer is in doubt. Reface the kitchen cabinet rather than installing a new one. Upgrade the counter top, plumbing fixtures and white good. The process might be expensive buy will pay out in the house buyout clause.


Light and airy

Light and airy Consider adding wall mirrors. Such mirrors make the room look larger. Clean the windows and replace broken light bulb. It brings life to the rooms and makes them smell fresh. Put lamps in any dark corners.

Light a fire

If a client is visiting during the evening, it is of paramount important to make the room warm. Consider burning pinecones for a good smell. The warmth and the smell are welcoming.


Make it look beautiful

Make it look beautiful Dress the windows with curtains and flowers to bring colours. For instance, consider placing a bowl of fruits in your kitchen or living room.

Lastly, make the room smell great with house sprays. You could brew coffee to make the home alluring to the buyer.