Rent a property for the first time? Here is what you should know

 Rent a property for the first timeMoving away from parents home and into your first apartment is exciting. However, it can be quite intimidating. Renting an apartment is a big deal as there are several things to consider. To those who are experienced they can use their previous renting process to their advantage but to the first timer you need to make consultations before moving in. Here are some tips to help with your first renting.

Upfront cost

Renting a house or apartment mean you are going to be responsible for the monthly payment. What most people forget is the first time cost which is higher. You need to pay a security deposit and the rent even before you move in. The landlord might also demand application fee.

Long term cost

Rent is not the only bill scheduled at the end of the each month. You need to consider utilities such as electricity, heat and gas. The rules and amount of such services vary from one building to another. If you need them, you are required to reach for the utilise companies and get the service put in your name.

What you need

Furnishing your room is fun. You are probably full of ideas how the place will look once you are done. Before you go wild and shop starts with the basic furniture. You might find sleeping on the floor for a day, but after that, you will wish you place your mattress on a bed. The basic furniture includes a bed, table, couch and some chairs. Other primary house items include curtains, towels, utensils and cookware.

What you do not need

You might get tempted to carry items from your old room to your new place. This might make your new place well stocked and less lonely, but such move will get you to regret once you start decorating. Instead use the moving out as a chance to purge what you do not need. Donate, recycle, and sell what you no longer need.

Lease terms

A lease it a contract document in young adult encounters. It does not make the renting less stressful but prepares you for other renting in the future. Learn how to read the instruction and ask if something is not clear. If still not confident about signing it, ask the landlord to give you some days to ponder.

Roommate worries

If you are not moving in alone, ensure that everyone else gets to sign the lease. Failure to do so might spell out wrong in the future.


Ask your landlord if it okay to bring pets. Some will request a pet deposit or an extra rent for the pet. Ensure that the room is big enough for a hygiene living with your pet.

Other factors to consider include: security, the location of the place, the moving plans and organise your apartment in prior. With that in mind, you can go out searching for a place to rent. Consider checking on the internet and the paying a pre-visit to the place just to be sure of its condition.