You wish you knew this thing before buying your property

before buying your propertyAfter years of moving in and out of apartments you will need to own a house where you can settle with your family. What people do is that they start searching for a property just like they do when looking for an apartment. However for a house that you plan to spend the rest of your life in you need to be extra vigilant. Failure to do so ends up with regrets which cost money and time. Learn from others. Here are some of the things most property owner wish they knew before cashing out. Continue reading

Rent a property for the first time? Here is what you should know

 Rent a property for the first timeMoving away from parents home and into your first apartment is exciting. However, it can be quite intimidating. Renting an apartment is a big deal as there are several things to consider. To those who are experienced they can use their previous renting process to their advantage but to the first timer you need to make consultations before moving in. Here are some tips to help with your first renting. Continue reading

Tips you should know when selling your home

selling your homeStaging your home for viewers? It is important that your house sells fast and fetch the best value. Here are some tips that will help sell your house at its best price and fast.


Start by getting rid of any excess items that have accumulated in every nook and cranny. There are several ways to dispose of such items. For example, you can opt to sell it to the local second-hand store, eBay, donate or give it to a friend. Continue reading